Polka Face Oddly Different Socks Gift Set

Polka Face Oddly Different Socks Gift Set - Rogue Boutique UK

Designer: United Odd Socks


With their distinctive combination of dots and dashes, could our Polka Face oddsocks be trying to send you a Morse code message? Well if they are, it could only be an SOS: Savour Our Socks! The Polka dots couldn't be more dotty if they'd been designed by Dot Cotton in one of her dotty moods, and the dashes are more dashing than a 100 Metre runner making a dash for it. Six individual designs give you 15 dotty combinations

EUR 37-42, UK 4-8,

These sock are made of: 75-85% Cotton 23-13% Polyamide 2% Elastane

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